September begins a shopping season that guides us through a series of holidays that will have retailers looking for ways to separate you from your money. When you do spend your money, our friends at the US Mint want you to spend the Presidential $1 Coins instead of paper currency.

September also begins the new advertising program proclaiming that using Presidential Dollars is the “green” thing to do. But it is not catching on.

Creative Loafing, a leisure-based newspaper with an interesting twist based in Charlotte, did an investigative report on the success of the Mint’s promotion.

Essentially, the reporter found that some people are spending the dollars while others will not take them as changed. Although the story is based on empirical evidence, his observations are predictable.

But the US Mint is required by law to promote the use of the dollar coin. But as I previously wrote, the dollar coin will not be widely accepted until the Bureau of Engraving and Printing stops printing one dollar notes—and we know that will not happen because of politics.

I cannot wait for the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to do their investigation on this advertising program. The report will be very entertaining!

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