For the last three years, in over 400 posts, I have written about the coin collecting news, stories, interests, and my collection in this blog. It has been a labor of love and a lot of fun. I enjoy hearing from my readers and find it satisfying to know that someone is reading.

On the third anniversary of the Coin Collectors’ Blog, I am considering branching out by adding a podcast to my repertoire. For those who are unfamiliar with podcasts, Wikipedia defines a podcast as “a series of audio or video digital-media files which is distributed over the Internet by syndicated download, through Web feeds, to portable media players and personal computers.”

The podcast would be a half-hour show (on the average) consisting of a review of news in the numismatic world along with stories and features. I would take audience questions and answer them or find someone who can help me answer those questions. I would try to find guests to interview and even take input and reviews from the listeners. My goal is to make the show entertaining and informative.

If I record a podcast, I will record an audio show and make it available for download from the Internet. I would do it in a way so that listeners would be able to subscribe to the show using Apple’s iTunes and other syndication services for easier access. Advanced listeners will be able to manually download the show.

Are you interested in a coin collectors’ podcast? Let me know what you think. Please let me know by participating in the survey on the right side of this page. The survey will be available until November 16. If you would like, post a comment with your opinion to this note.

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Thank you!!

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