I wanted to get a quick note out that I am still alive. I spent the past week in New York City, my home town, going to a conference with others in the information security field. It was a good conference and worth the time traveling “home” to attend. Unfortunately, I did not find anything more exciting than a 1956 Lincoln Cent in my change.

Before I run off to dinner with my wife, I wanted to encourage you to give this gift of charity this holiday season. I received a note that the official charity of the Coin Collector’s Blog, Common Cents, is $3,420 away from its 2008 campaign goal. Here is the note I received from Teddy Gross, the Executive Director of Common Cents:

Dear Friend,

I recently sent a letter asking for a year-end donation to help Common Cents reach more children, more schools and more communities with the Penny Harvest program. I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks, on behalf of the children and schools we serve, to all of you who have responded.

As of today, we are just $3,420 away from realizing our 2008 campaign goal. If you haven’t had a chance to donate yet, would you consider making a gift today?

The Penny Harvest helps students understand their capacities for leadership by gathering pennies, making grants and taking action to fight for causes they believe in. Seventeen years of experience has shown that, when given the opportunity to help others through the Penny Harvest, children transform into leaders working to solve – not cause – community problems.

We urgently need your help to continue providing the curriculum, tools, training and support needed for every school. Your gift will help us provide meaningful and life changing opportunities for thousands of children. Please donate today. As we teach through the Penny Harvest, every amount helps.

Many thanks, and best wishes for a wonderful holiday,

Teddy Gross
Executive Director
Common Cents

Click on any link in Teddy’s letter or the banner in the top right corner of the page, it will send you directly to the donation page at commoncents.org.

Although I am a little later in doing so, I will go to the bank this week with the pitcher of change on my desk as I promised. The sum of that money will go to Common Cents. That pitcher is half-full. I hope it has at least $100! Please join me and give what you can! Thank you.

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