Following up on my post about the pricing policy at the US Mint for Ultra High Relief Saint Gaudens Double Eagle gold coins, Susan Headly is reporting that the Mint guarantees that the purchaser will pay the price of the coin as of when it was ordered. This means that if the price of gold rises before your order is fulfilled, your price will stay the same as when you ordered.

It also means that if the price of gold falls, your price will stay the same as when you ordered.

The Mint has a very liberal, 30-day return policy for all of its product. Purchasers can return any item in its original packaging within 30-days of purchase. If the prices go down after your coin is shipped, you can return the coin and re-order it at the lower price. Also, if the price drops before your order is shipped, you can cancel your order and re-order the coin at the lower price.

Although there is a potential for abuse, it is comforting for collectors that the US Mint follows market practices on price rises. However, it is up to you to lock in a lower price when the price falls.

While the US Mint has gone out of its way to explain its precious metals pricing policy, the Mint should make it clear what its policy is when purchasing backordered products.

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