I had to share this before retiring for the evening since it’s marginally coin-related. We’ve seen these stories before and they are just as amusing each time. A Romanian man was angry after being fined 500 lei for allegedly employing children to tend his goats. Angelo Rujinaru, 39, objected to the fine saying that a neighbor’s child was playing with his goats. Rujinaru said that the police refused his right under the law to pay half of the fine within 48 hours, which lead to his protest: Rujinaru paid his 500 lei fine with 50,000 one ban coins (100 ban is equal to one lei).

Rujinaru carried his coins in a backpack and two buckets to the community cashier, who is required to accept the coins in payment for the fine. Because Romanian law requires cash payments to be counted by hand, the clerk and two colleagues were able to count 15,000 coins. Rujinaru was quoted saying, “I’m sorry for the cashier lady, but this is my way to protest this unjust act. If they count one penny per second, they should be done in about two days.”

Here is how it was reported on MSNBC:

I am sure he is now the talk of the town… and maybe the police, as well!

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