As many knows, the US Mint’s public view of technology barely makes it to the end of the 20th century. While other government sites have used the change in administration to refresh their websites, the US Mint is now beginning a “study” as to what they should do. The way the US Mint’s administration manages themselves, it would surprise me if they change their website before the end of the current administrative term.

Miraculously, the US Mint does offer RSS feeds. Of the four feeds they offer, two have been updated on a quasi-regular basis. The US Mint Press Release/Public Statement feed is updated when the Mint ’s press office publishes another release. They also have a Product Information Update feed when new items appear in the online catalog.

After finding a service that will take an RSS feed and post it on Twitter, I decided to add the ability to take the US Mint’s RSS feeds and post them to the blog’s Twitter feed, @coinsblog. If you do not understand how to use RSS, you can either follow me on Twitter or see the tweets on the left side of this page where it shows my last five tweets.

If the US Mint is not going to take advantage of technology to keep you informed, I will do what I can to bring the information to you.

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