First, I want to thank everyone who responded directly to me regarding my post ANA versus Technology: The ANA is Losing! There have been so many notes that it is impossible to respond individually.

An overwhelming number of responses were from people who identified themselves as 20-something or 30-something collectors who said they read my blog and others to hear from other collectors. It seems as if they read the blogs to share with other collectors as they would do if they were to attend a coin club meeting. It may be anecdotal, but it adds to my assumptions as to where to find what I am calling “the gap generation” between the young numismatists and the member who comes back to collecting after they are settled into their life.

To answer the predominant question generated by the post: yes, I heard from members of the ANA Board of Governors and ANA President Cliff Mishler. Since I have not had a chance to answer their notes I will not comment on the contents of the correspondence at this time. There are areas for me to follow up and will do so shortly.

I will say that I learned a few things from the Board members that is not readily apparent from materials published by the ANA. That information gap is worrisome and something that has to be addressed.

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