As we come to the end of the summer season with the beginning of school, the ramping up of work, and the start of football season, it is time to settle down into a routine. As much as most of us do not like the hum-drum of a routine, it is inevitable.

For your humble blogger, I also want to settle into a routine or regular postings but I am looking for some interesting things to write about. I know I have not visited many shows lately or made many purchases, but there has to be more to numismatics than my purchases. So I am asking you, the over 600 unique visitors (according to Google Analytics) who read my posts, what would you like me to write about? What do you want to read?

I will say that I have been working on a note about the trials and tribulations of selling gold. A friend tried to sell some old gold jewelry and gold commemorative coins. It was an eye opening experience! I want to let everyone know what I learned and how you can avoid getting taken!

Otherwise, I will not make any suggestions to steer the discussion in any direction. I want to make this blog as interesting, instructional, and entertaining for you to read as it is for me to write. Tell me… respond to this post and leave a comment.

I hope everyone had a good summer and Labor Day weekend!

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