November 19, 2010!

Circle the date. Add a reminder on your electronic calendar. Program your toaster to remind you. November 19 is the date that the U.S. Mint will begin to sell American Silver Eagle PROOF coins!

Reported by Dave Harper of Numismatic News on his blog, the coins will cost $45.95 per coin with a limit of 100 coins per household. That is a significant increase in the price because of the price of silver ($22.03 per troy ounce as I type this). Delivery is planned for December 1.

UPDATE: You can read the U.S. Mint’s press release here.

For fans of the American Silver Eagle proof who mourned the lack of 2009 coins, this is great news. It has been a while since I was happy about the announcement of a coin release.

I commend the U.S. Mint for this move to make collectors happy.

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