Super Bowl XLV is now history. The Champion Green Bay Packers are taking to Lambeau Field for a celebration with their fans. But as a numismatist, I was left with questions: Who made the “coin” used for the coin toss and what happens to it after the game?

Finding out who made the coin was easy. The Highland Mint of Melbourne, Florida designed and struck the official coin. This is the 20th consecutive Super Bowl that has used a coin specially produced by The Highland Mint. Of course The Highland Mint is selling numbered replicas of the coin with Certificates of Authenticity. In fact, the following video shows them making the coin including the gentleman near the end punching the numbers into the metal:

But where does the coin that newly elected Hall of Fame player Dieon Sanders tossed before the game go after the game? According to the NFL, the coin is taken to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. They have the coins used to open every Super Bowl.

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