When was the last time I placed a mail order for a U.S. Mint product? In fact, when was the last time I called the U.S. Mint’s toll-free number to place an order? If you check your record, I have never placed a mail or telephone order. All of my orders have been made over the Internet with your online catalog. Then why do you persist in sending advertisements via the Postal Service?

How much does it cost for the U.S. Mint to send postal advertisements to me and others who have only placed orders online? Aside from the postage, which I am sure you are paying bulk rates, how much are you paying to print these materials, process the mailing list, and transport these pieces to the bulk mail center?

Today, I received the latest mail advertising the America the Beautiful Quarters Proof Set. Forgetting the fact that I never order partial sets, I have never ordered products from the U.S. Mint based on mailed advertisements. If the U.S. Mint Marketing Department had performed basic business intelligence, not only you would know that sending postal advertisement has not influenced a my purchases but I am on every email list that the U.S. Mint offers. It seems obvious that the U.S. Mint does not use business intelligence to help with their sales.

While producing a top-notch product is very important to you and the collecting public, being able to run the bureau with efficiency is also important. Part of that is to know that sending postal advertisements to people like me is a waste of money at a time when every cent counts. I hope that you can fix this issue so that you can improve the fiscal performance of the U.S. Mint.

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