As part of my posts earlier this year about creating more electronic access for numismatic publications and resources, I wrote how the ANA could do more. This post was the reprinted in Numismatic News (with my permission). Apparently, someone decided that one of my suggestions was a good idea.

This past weekend, I received an email from Numismatic News inviting me to a free live, web-based seminar Beginning Coin Collecting presented by Numismatic News editor Dave Harper. When I clicked the link in the email, I was sent to a registration page at The seminar will be on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 starting at 4:00 PM until 5:00 PM EDT.

Harper has an easy style and tremendous knowledge that should make the seminar worth attending. Although I would like to attend, I may have a conflict that will prevent me. However, I urge those working on the conventions and in the education department at the American Numismatic Association to login and see how Dave handles the seminar. I hope it gives the ANA ideas as to how they can transform their education program into something that can be presented online.

Once again, I urge the ANA to look into broadcasting open meetings, board meetings, and Numismatic Theater presentations for anyone who wants to log in at the time of the event. It will be a great promotion for the organization.

I am still willing to volunteer my services as an ANA member and a computing professional to help bring the ANA into the 21st century!

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