Ivy Baker Priest was born in Kimberly, Utah in 1905. A staunch Republican, Priest began her political career as a delegate to the 1932 Republican State Convention. In 1934, her bid for the Utah legislature came up short but was elected as co-chair of the Young Republicans for the western states. While serving for the Republican National Committee, she helped organize Republican women’s study clubs throughout Utah.

In 1950 Priest ran for congress against incumbent Reva Beck Bosone (D). The race attracted national attention for being the first time two women were running for the same seat. Bosone won that election with 53-percent of the vote.

Priest continued to be active and worked to gain support for eventual Republican nominee Dwight D. Eisenhower during the 1952 convention. She became co-chair of the Eisenhower’s national campaign committee and worked to get women out to vote. Eisenhower rewarded Priest by appointing her as the 30th Treasurer of the United States.

Ivy Baker Priest was the mystery guest on the television game show “What’s My Line” that aired on August 29, 1954. Watch as she stumps the panel:

Appearing on WML after Priest on the same show was Debbie Reynolds.

Ivy Baker Priest is the mother of Pat Priest, better know for playing Marilyn Munster on the 1960’s hit sitcom, “The Munsters.”

Ivy Baker Priest died from the complications of caner in 1975.

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