On Thursday, October 20, the U.S. Mint not only confirmed that the American Eagle 25th Anniversary Silver Coin Set at noon Eastern Time (ET) on October 27, 2011, but that the price was set at $299.95 with a limit of 5 sets per household. The U.S. Mint caveated the price noting that the price is subject to change depending on the price of silver.

Earlier this week, I attempted to predict the price of the set. At that time, the guess was $368.95 with the price of silver at $42—which was the price when I did the calculations, not posted the article. If we give me the approximate $10 drop in silver ($50 for five coins), and take away the 33-percent markup ($16.50) should have lowered my guess to $312.45. That would be only a $13.50 difference. So my guess was only significantly off by my assumed price of silver.

Spin aside, I am looking forward to this set. Hopefully, their website will stay up long enough to allow me to place my order!

Image courtesy of the U.S. Mint.

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