Today is the Annual Meeting of the Maryland State Numismatic Association (MSNA). The meeting is being held at the Baltimore Convention Center during the Whitman Baltimore Expo. I am looking forward to this meeting because I was nominated as Vice President of MSNA.

The MSNA was founded in 1972 that could function as a central organization for Maryland. From humble beginnings out of John Henry’s vision with nine charter clubs, MSNA now represents 20 Maryland clubs.

Another reason why I am excited is that I have not been to a coin show since the 2008 World’s Fair of Money that was held at the Baltimore Convention Center. A bad knee has prevented me from going to coin shows. Although my knee does not feel better, I am going to the convention center a few hours before the MSNA meeting and visit the bourse. I am going to try to limit my walking, but I look forward to doing this. (And this will allow my wife to stay home read in peace!)

Obviously, I will bring my new iPhone 4S with me which will allow me to tweet about my adventures. Follow @coinsblog on Twitter to read my tweets. Hopefully, I will be able to take pictures and pass them along in real time.

Stay tuned for my show report!

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