“Every 1859 cent has something to offer if you look hard enough,” is the quote on the front page of a new website by noted numismatic researcher Dr. James A. Haxby. The website, www.vickycents.com, attempts to document every die variety and die combination used in minting the 1859 Canadian Large Cent.

If you haven’t figured it out, “Vicky Cents” are the cents produced under the reign of Queen Victoria.

The site is not complete and looks like it came online on December 10, 2011, but has some very interesting information on the coin whose handmade dies offers a variety hunter a lifetime treasure trove of searching. However, it looks like Haxby will help collectors of these coins figure out which of the many varieties they have of what seems to be a fascinating coin.

While searching for information about Canadian Victorian Cents, I found a few other interesting sites:

See what happens when you find an 1899 Canadian Cent in a box that was supposed to only contain United States coins? Now to go learn more about Victorian Cents.

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