The U.S. Mint announced that they are creating four new numismatic product options for the Presidential $1 Coin program. For collectors, the U.S. Mint is adding a “Four Coin Set” for $9.95, a 100-coin bag for $111.95, 250-coin box for $275.95, and a 500-coin box for $550.95. The bulk options will cotton unmixed coins of each design.

All previous products will remain including the Presidential $1 Coin & First Spouse Medal Set, First Day Coin Covers, along with the proof and uncirculated sets. Also continuing are the coin rolls of the Presidential and Native American dollars.

The Presidential $1 Program continues on April 5 with the release of the coin honoring Chester A. Arthur, our 21st President.

Arthur’s wife, Ellen Lewis Herndon “Nell” Arthur, died from pneumonia in 1880. When Arthur became president after President James A. Garfield died on September 19, 1881 from the assassination attempt on July 2, 1881.

Although Arthur was a widower during his administration, the U.S. Mint will not be issuing an Arthur “Liberty” coin as part of the First Spouse Gold Coin Series. The Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 (Public Law 109-145 [Text] [PDF]) requires the U.S. Mint to issue a coin honoring Alice Paul, a leading suffragist who was born on January 11, 1885, during the Arthur administration.

The U.S. Mint has not announced when the Alice Paul Gold Coin will be available.

The public will not be able to order rolls of 2012 $1 coins from the banks since the Federal Reserve will not be taking delivery of new $1 coins. Orders to banks will be filled from existing storage consisting of $1 coins struck from 2007 through 2011. Since the U.S. Mint will be selling $1 coins for $1.11 as part of their bulk sales (bags and boxes), look for these coins to be priced $1.75 to $2.50 from dealers.

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