JetPackYesterday I installed software that works in the background in order to improve the internals of the blog. While most of it should be invisible to the readers of the blog, it adds additional functionality. You should not notice anything different until I make the other changes. If you do, please let me know!

Part of this package allows me to better capture demographic statistics about when you read what I write. I am NOT collecting your personal information and I will NOT sell any of the data I collect. The statistics will help form a broad network-related demographic profile of my readership. I will learn how many people read my writing, when they read it, from which country you are reading this from (based on your IP address, which is then discarded after doing the lookup), and best-guess from where you came from to read my writing (e.g., are you subscribed to the RSS feed? subscribed via email, from Twitter, a search engine, etc.). All this software is doing is keeping tallies. NO individual information is saved!

This package has other features that I will be taking advantage of with the next upgrade.

In addition to watching football, do some paperwork, and going to a cruise-in, I plan to do more upgrades this weekend. If you see a page that says the site is under construction, then stay tuned for the upgrade!!

Until then… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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