Under ConstructionWhen the Coin Collectors Blog reached its 10th Anniversary I decided it was time for a little sprucing up. It was time to paint the wall and update the furniture to make it comfortable while keeping the original charm.

Redesigns take time whether it is in your home or a website. As I have done for during the last 10 years I have been writing this blog, I did the work myself. Although my background is more technical than design—think of me as someone who would rather work on an engine than body or interior work of a car—I can enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and do a little body work, too.

Without further ado, here are some of the things that this change offers:

  • With the growth of mobile devices I had to do something that would allow the blog to better appear on those smaller screens. In the vernacular of the web, this is called “responsive design,” which is design that responds to its environment. What you see should work better on your mobile devices.
  • All advertising has been removed. I added the advertising because I was being asked and thought it would help cover the hosting fees. Unfortunately, my hosting fees were more then I collected and I do not have time to manage this properly. Thank you to all my past advertisers but it is time we move on.
  • I changed the way to contact me to use a form. This will help those who use web-based mail services.
  • The social media sharing has changed. You can still share my posts on social media, and you are encouraged to do so. Rather than use a third-party to do the sharing the links will send you directly to those social media sites. As someone concerned with privacy I thought this was a better option!

Although I decided to keep the same color scheme, I made the layout simpler. Aside from helping with the responsive design, it is fashionable to have simpler and cleaner designs. It is difficult to update a live website without having a few stumbles. If you see something that is not right send me an email note or comment below with the information.

Happy Collecting!

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