Spring CleaningSpring has sprung and it is time to use the weekends to begin the outdoor tasks. Unfortunately, here in the D.C. area the weather was cool even had a persistent mist on Sunday. But that didn’t stop one spring cleaning chore I had.

Although my writing has slowed a bit since starting my company, I have been trying to keep up. But as it happens, the blog needs a little maintenance, too. The new look and feel is fine. This time, it was time to look at some of the content and clean things up a bit. The changes I made updated the static information that you can find from the menu bar, above.

Here are the updates: [THIS LIST WAS UPDATED]

  • All pages, except for the Numismatic Dictionary, now have a “Last Update” entry. This way if something is wrong someone can prod me!
  • When you write something, you get very attached to it and the ability to properly proofread cannot get past your mind’s eye. This is the case with the Numismatic Dictionary. Not only did I correct spelling and grammar but also I was able to find a few entries whose wording would have tortured many English teachers.
  • I also added a few terms to the dictionary. I forgot to note the words that I added but it was only 3-4 new entries.
  • U.S. Coins by Type page has been updated to include:
    • All modern commemorative coin programs passed by congress are now listed
    • Added Ronald Reagan to the Presidential dollars and Nancy Reagan to the First Spouse gold coins
    • Updated the American Eagle Platinum Proof program
    • [ADDED] Added a section for the America the Beautiful Silver 5-ounce Bullion coins
    • Added a section at the end for 24-karat gold coin special issues
  • U.S. Coin and Currency Production has been updated to include:
    • Change in directors at both the U.S. Mint and Bureau of Engraving and Printing
    • Added the U.S. Secret Service
    • A list of agencies has been placed at the top as links into the page to help someone searching for specific information
  • Significant Legislation Effecting Numismatic now includes:
    • Added the American 5-Cent Coin Design Continuity Act of 2003 because it is the law that created the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee
    • Added the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 because it added 24-Karat bullion program
    • Added an entry for Public Law 84-851 that added “IN GOD WE TRUST” as a national motto
  • Under Join A Club a few of the web addresses have been updated.

As always, if you find an error contact me and let me know.

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