No, the U.S. Mint is not being privatized or sold to anyone. Given the significance of the date, I thought I would add to the fun.

If you read the post carefully, you would have noticed:

  • The “Poboy Mint” was a play on Pobjoy Mint, the private mint based on Surrey, England. While the Pobjoy Mint strikes coins for other governments, particularly smaller members of the Commonwealth Realm, I don’t think they would be a candidate to buy U.S. government assets. Besides, they probably won’t make a good Po’ Boy sandwich!
  • The Chairman of the House Financial Committee is Jeb Hensarling (R-TX). I don’t know who Jed Harding is or if that is the name of a real person.
  • Similarly, the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee is Richard Shelby (R-AL). In trying to come up with a translated name, all I could think about was Carroll Shelby, the man who created the AC Cobra and later the Ford Mustang Cobra.
  • Brad Hoyle sounds like he should be a card game inventor but he is not Brendan Boyle (D-PA) who represents the Philadelphia district where the U.S. Mint is located.
  • While Dana Gillette sounds like she might be a top sports broadcaster or spokesperson, Diana DeGette (D-CO) represents the fine people of Denver.
  • MUSC doesn’t exist but musk is a substance secreted from a gland under the skin of a male musk deer that is used in perfumery. Without being mixed with other scents, musk does not smell good!
  • Finally, congress is on spring break and (thankfully) not in Washington!

In short:

Like the Orson Well’s broadcast of The War of the Worlds, all you had to do is change the channel (or check another source).

That was fun!

Stand by for more on the Whitman Baltimore Spring Expo.

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