With the Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention coming at the end of the month, I realized I did not talk about the last show I attended. That show was a while ago and would not be interesting now. What is interesting is one of the items I found while walking the bourse floor.

Whenever I go to a coin show, I look for something “neat.” Something different that was not expensive but would raise an eyebrow or two when I show the item to others. Last summer, I found an 1803 Large Cent with a barely readable date. There was also the GSA Softpack I picked up at the ANA National Money Show in Charlotte.

Before attending to the last Baltimore show, I decided that I would concentrate on my 1976 collection and look for numismatic-related items. With that in mind, I was walking the bourse floor looking at the various tables and found a set of medals in a plastic holder. The blue set caught my eye when I focused in and saw that the set was from 1976.

I stepped up to the table to take a closer look and found that it is the 1976 ANA Convention Medal Set. Back when the ANA held one convention per year, this set consists of pewter, bronze, and copper medals showing the image of the a bust of the Statue of Liberty in front of United Nations building. The medals for the 85th Anniversary convention also featured the star logo of the American Revolution Bicentennial Association (ARBA) and are stored in a custom case made by Capital Plastics.

This set registered high on the “oh, neat” meter. It was from 1976, had the ARBA logo, and would also fit in my New York collection. When the dealer said he is selling the set for $15, I did not hesitate to reach in my pocket for the money. As I learned more about the set, some collectors were offering four-to-five times the price I paid. The set is not for sale, but it is nice to know that I cherry picked a nice item.

I can only wonder what I will find at the end of this month. Stay tuned!

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