Did you know that there was a part of numismatics that collects financial documents? Collecting financial documents is a niche hobby for people who collect checks, drafts, bills of exchange, certificates of deposit, promissory notes, receipts, and even stock certificates. Although I knew that there were collectors of financial documents, I just found American Society of Check Collectors (ASCC). If you want to learn more about this area of numismatics, visit their website.

In keeping with my theme of “hometown numismatics,” I found a check drawn on The First National Bank of Inwood (FNBI). This check was written by Elizabeth N. Schmitt on November 20, 1942 for $19.37 to General Motors Acceptance Corp. It cleared the Bank of Manhattan office in Jamaica, Queens on November 27. That would be the same as paying $261.39 in 2008 dollars.

While we do not know when the Ms. Schmitt purchased her automobile or if she was paying the bill while her husband was away to fight in World War II, it is another collectible from FNBI for the collection.

My research found a Series 1929 $20 banknote was issued from FNBI (CH# 12460). I found notes priced from $500 to $1300, depending on condition. I guess I will have to save some money for my next purchase.

Edited: Sorry… I forgot the image of the check!

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