It has been a long week. Not only did the election and everything around it provide enough to do, but we also have a new acquisition that has also provided for additional demands for my time. In my last post I said I would talk about this new acquisition, so please allow me to indulge…

Meet Tessa. That’s Tessa in the picture on the right laying on her new daddy’s shoulder. Tessa is a four-pound, 11-week old puggle puppy that we picked up last weekend. Tessa is the pup of the same sire and dam of our first puggle, Boomer. Boomer is now two years old and 48 pounds of four-legged fun. When we found that Boomer’s mom, a beagle, was expecting and that the father was the same pug, my wife and I decided to adopt Boomer’s sister.

Tessa has been with us for a week and we are getting to know her better as she tries to push the limits with us. She is very precocious and thinks nothing of trying to jump all over Boomer. To his credit, Boomer has been very tolerant of his sister and has not tried to take her head off—even though there were times she deserved it!

As we train a new puppy, it has not been easy to find time for much of anything. But I thank you for indulging me and I promise to write something numismatic-related soon.

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