Charity is good for the soul!

Charity supported by children is not only good for the soul but a sign of a positive future for this nation.

Common Cents is an educational, not-for-profit organization that specializes in creating service-learning programs for young people. Their best known program is the Penny Harvest, the largest children supported philanthropy program in the United States.

This year, over 1,000 schools with nearly 500,000 student will be searching for idle pennies in their homes, from their family, and in their neighborhoods. They will take all of those pennies, the ones that people claim have “no value” and put them to work. This year’s collection ends on Thanksgiving.

After collected, every penny collected will be used to make grants to non-profit organizations of the student’s choice. Issues that concern the students are Infant/Children/Youth in need, Global Relief, Healthcare, Families in Need, Environmental, and more! Thousands of dollars are collected by good students for good work.

Last year, the Penny Harvest raised $677,955.99 for charities. That is over 67 million pennies! Who said pennies are not worth anything!

For this reason, Common Cents has been made the Official Charity of the Coin Collector’s Blog.

On my dresser is a pitcher that I put the coins that are in my pocket in at the end of the day. During Thanksgiving weekend, I will take that pitcher to a bank and dump its contents in their coin counting machine. Whatever the machine says is in that pitcher will be donated to Common Cents for this year’s Penny Harvest.

I ask that my readers click on the banner on the upper-right of this page and give directly to Common Cents and support the Penny Harvest.

Charity is good for the soul!

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