I am amazed at the response I have received over the topic of digital books. For those who wrote to me directly echoing my call for more, I wish you would add them as comments to my posts. I think the numismatic publishers would like to see your comment—especially since I have been contacted by both the publishers at Whitman Books and Krause Publications, they are reading and paying attention!

Roger deWardt Lane reports that his book Encyclopedia Small Silver Coins: Brother Can You Spare A Dime about modern dime-sized silver coins of the world can be purchased in both paper form and as a download. Roger also said that he gave permission to Google Books to add it to their digital database.

Thijs Verspagen wrote to let me know that he maintains the Digital Library Numis that links to many electronic numismatic books and articles that can be freely downloaded. The site has quite a list of a variety of downloadable numismatic publications.

I also heard from Scott Tappa, Publisher at Krause Publications. Scott reports that two Krause books are now available on the Kindle. Scott writes:

This year you will see more and more KP books available for e-reader devices like the iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc. For instance, here are links to Kindle editions of two recent releases, Warman’s U.S. Coin Collecting and Canadian Coin Digest. (click on the titles to view the listings at Amazon.com)

Numismatic books face certain challenges in formatting for e-readers. In particular, our catalogs are image-heavy, which makes them very large files, which can make them difficult to download. Thus, expect to see KP create e-reader specific products that are smaller and more focused than our large catalogs.

Our parent company, F+W Media, has made e-books a top priority. In fact, we are hosting the second annual Digital Book World conference in New York City starting January 24, and are keenly focused on staying at the front of this market revolution.

Numismatic publishing is a niche business. While it is a large niche, publishers are competing for the best content, the best authors, and access to the same distribution sources. These companies have to be responsive to what their readers want. I am sure that these publishers welcome your feedback.

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