Why do you collect? Around here we collect coins, currency, exonumia, and other forms of numismatics. In addition to coins, I collect post cards with subjects that are meaningful to me—such as the little village on Long Island where I first grew up. I also collect lapel pins that I have either picked up over the years or have some other meaning to me. For me, my collection has a meaning to me, including the set to New York City Subway tokens.

Those of us who are collectors knows that along with the thrill of the chase, there are times when we can take it too far. When does it become too much?

The New York Times opinion section, Room for Debate, asked seven experts in various areas of collecting to try to answer these questions. One of the experts that were invited to write a short item for the December 30th discussion, “Why We Collect Stuff” is your favorite blog host.

Besides, if you are curious as to what I look like, there is a current picture (a head shot taken last Sunday) associated with the article.

All of the articles are well written and add value to the discussion about collecting and hoarding. I invite my readers to read the discussion. You can either comment on The New York Times website or you can return here—or both!

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