In October, I asked if there was an interest in receiving a newsletter of containing the coin, currency, and bullion-related stories I find on the Internet that is being reported in the non-numismatic media. With a significant number of you who responded with interest, I decided to move forward to see what I can do.

After a month of collecting stories, editing templates, and making sure as much of the process can be automated as possible, I am almost ready to move forward.

Right now, I am the only subscriber to what I am calling the Weekly Numismatic World Newsletter. There have been two test issues. Since I am happy with the results, I think I am ready for a broader test.

I am opening up the subscription to all of my readers. If you would like to receive the last test issue, you can use the signup form here or click on the “Weekly Newsletter” link on the menu. There is a warning on the page that the newsletter is in Beta Testing. Don’t worry about that. If you want to receive the last test run, then signup.

The last test newsletter will be generated as of Sunday night/Monday morning based on my clock here on the east coast of the United States. When the newsletter is ready for regular production, it will be produced around the same time each week. It will only contain news from the previous seven days.

If there are any comments or questions, you can either post them here or drop me an email note. Let’s see how this goes!

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