British CurrencyWhile the tech world is pushing for a cashless society and those listening with a tin ear follow them down this road beating the drums louder, regulators in the United Kingdom have pledged the ensure that cash remains available.

The Join Authorities of Cash Strategy Group, a UK cooperative agency made up of government finance and trade agencies along with the Bank of England issued a preliminary report that says there is a gap in the availability of cash, especially in less densely populated areas.

According to the research group, only 10-percent of people in the UK have gone cashless. Similarly, the United States, the Federal Reserve reports that 30-percent of all transaction and 55-percent of all purchases under $10 are cashless. The Fed also says that the amount of cash in circulation is rising.

Both the Fed and the Bank of England recognize that while the population centers may have more people considering going cashless, it is not universal across the entire population. Similar to the findings in the UK, less densely populated areas rely on cash more than their urban neighbors. Both countries are finding an increase in the use of debit cards rather than credit cards.

For numismatists, it means that the manufacturers of coins and currency will continue to produce their products, which gives us something to collect. That is good news!

And now the news…

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