Do you know what happens if the blogger does not press the button that says “Publish?” The post does not get published to the site. This week’s delay was because I forgot to press the button. Sorry!

There were two other news items that collectors should be aware. Last week, the ANA held an online Candidates Forum. Only one of the candidates did not attend.

The forum demonstrated two types of candidates: the status quo and those who want to do something. The status quo candidates refused to think outside of the proverbial box and look to continue using the same methods that have not advanced the ANA beyond its current state. The others have different ideas to move the ANA forward.

Few of the candidates have ideas discussed in the past but taking advantage of the current climate. These are the candidates that need to be elected to the ANA Board of Governors. A full review of the Candidates Form is forthcoming.

Another bit of news was a May 4 conference call by the U.S. Mint with members of the media. Even though I asked questions they answered during that conference call the previous week, I was not invited to participate. There are additional questions that the U.S. Mint did not address, which I sent via email. The U.S. Mint has not answered those questions.

I will wait a few days for the U.S. Mint to answer my questions before explaining how they do not care about the collectors and what I suggest the community can do to correct their behavior.

And now the news…

 May 2, 2021
A silver English shilling found during a dig in St. Mary’s, Md., is more proof that archaeologists have pinpointed the correct location of an old fort.  → Read more at

 May 4, 2021
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 May 4, 2021
When heavy metal guitarist Ed Fuhrman hits the road, one of his priorities is seeking out a local collector’s shop. Is he looking for a vintage guitar or a hard-to-find record? No.  → Read more at

 May 6, 2021
How did people living in the Bronze Age manage their finances before money became widespread? Researchers from the Universities of Göttingen and Rome have discovered that bronze scrap found in hoards in Europe circulated as a currency.  → Read more at

 May 7, 2021
An 1804 silver dollar is expected to sell for US$7 million at auction in August. Stack’s Bowers Galleries  → Read more at
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