CoinsIt has been a rough few years, so it is good to highlight a good story.

A news story from KXAS, the NBC-owned station in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, reported that a coin dealer opened a new storefront three years after being robbed.

According to the report, Christian Lyche was robbed of 75-percent of his inventory in April 2019. Although the police caught the robber, Lyche did not recover any merchandise or compensation.

Lyche said that the numismatic community helped him set up online, and he was back in business. After rebuilding his business, Lyche opened Dallas Gold and Gun last weekend. He reported having a good opening weekend.

Congratulations to Christian Lyche for recovering, following your dreams, and maintaining a positive presence in the hobby.

And now the news…

 December 21, 2021
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 December 22, 2021
Three years ago, Christian Lyche was at the beginning of his career and also rock bottom. He’d recently opened shop in Corinth, turning a passion for collecting coins into a thriving business. "I loved coins long before I bought and sold them, I collected them, traded them,” said Lyche.  → Read more at

 December 22, 2021
Marine archaeologists diving off the coast of Caesarea have discovered a number of ancient artifacts in recent months, including some dating back to the third century, the Israel Antiquities Authority revealed on Wednesday.  → Read more at

 December 23, 2021
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