As the times change, traditional hobbies have to find new ways to reach a new audience. The Royal Canadian Numismatic Association (RCNA) tried something different and published a new children’s book.

The RCNA teamed up with best-selling Canadian author Teresa Schapansky and award-winning artist Elly Mossman to produce a children’s book, One Little Coin. The book is about a child’s adventures in joining a coin club and what happens.

Here’s the publisher’s blurb:

Dear Journal, I signed up for the coin club, because to be honest, I really like money. Wasn’t that what a coin club was about? Money? That, and how to get it, how much to keep and how much to spend? I glanced around the room, and easily saw that the class was made up of quite an assortment of kids – polar opposites, in my opinion. In the end, who could have guessed that seven totally different kinds of people would form such an unlikely bond in a coin club? Maybe one day, I’ll find one little coin that will change my life, forever. Maybe I’ll find it with Jacques’s metal detector, or maybe it’ll be stuck in some couch cushion. The possibilities are endless.

The book includes “Miss Cassidy’s Guidebook,” a guide to coin collecting for young readers.

One Little Coin is written in English and in French as Une Petite Monnaie.

Book publishing is always a risk. A publisher once told me that less than 10-percent of the books they publish make a significant profit. The RCNA is taking a risk by publishing a children’s book in a society where parents opt for electronic entertainment.

I hope it works. If it does, I hope it inspires others to find new ways to reach collectors.

And now the news…

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