Fake Silver Eagle Reverse

Scammers continue to sell counterfeit American Silver Eagles on Facebook because users keep buying them.

Many things are going on, especially with the run-up to the World’s Fair of Money. I was reminded of how close it is when I received my badge this weekend. My inbox is also filling up with invitations to different events. I wish I could attend the entire week, but work forces me to arrive on Wednesday night.

One of the issues that prevented me from writing a more substantive post is that I am investigating an alleged California-based site that is scamming people via Facebook. When I warned Facebook users it was a scam, the site owner sent a private message telling me I was a bad boy before turning off all means to comment or return messages.

Whoever is behind this site is trying to sell American Silver Eagles for below spot. The prices for these fakes have dropped to $14 as the price is silver is falling.

Please don’t fall for these scams. Tell your friends and relatives not to buy from them. It will not end well for anyone.

And now the news…

 July 25, 2022
A rare, 1,850-year-old bronze coin depicting the Roman Moon goddess Luna was recently found off the coast of Haifa, the Israel Antiques Authority said Monday. The coin shows Luna above a depiction of the zodiac sign Cancer.  → Read more at timesofisrael.com

 July 26, 2022
Cash isn’t as popular as it used to be, but that hasn’t put counterfeiters out of business. A 2020 survey cited in a recent Federal Reserve report showed that showed U.S. consumers used cash for only 19% of their transactions.  → Read more at money.usnews.com
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