At least once per week, I make a stop at the Online Catalog at the US Mint to see what’s new. Since the start of the 50 State Quarter program, the US Mint has been improving its relationship with the collector community and has come up with new products to keep the excitement going. Although there is room to get better when comparing the offerings to the Royal Canadian Mint or the British Royal Mint–which will be the subject of future articles–I am impressed with their effort.

When I visited the site this week, I found a notice that they will be limiting the number of set of the 2005 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set® can be ordered. The 2005 Uncirculated set are being produced with a special satin finish that will only be available in the Mint produced sets. Apparently, there is a high demand for these sets.

Why? Why is there high demand for the Uncirculated set? There have been mixed reviews as to whether the satin finish adds or detracts from the coins–reviews are running about 50/50 in my unscientific survey. And historically, uncirculated sets do not sell as well as proof sets.

So is this a case of something new causing a buzz? Are the sets really worth $5 over their $16.95 cost at the mint that dealers are asking? I wonder if I should grab ten sets and put them away. Who knows… prices can go up like the 1999 Silver Proof Set.

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