Next weekend the Baltimore Coin and Currency Convention will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center. Baltimore is becoming one of the biggest numismatic conventions other than the ANA shows. And since it is close to home, I look forward to attending.

When I revived my interest in collecting a few years ago, I went to the Baltimore Convention not knowing what to expect. When I arrived, I was surprised to see two large halls in the convention center filled with table of dealers. Although I had attended technology shows, it was an intimidating sight. Four year later, I prowl the aisles like a veteran but look forward to this convention like an excited child.

This year, I want to attend at least one of the auction sessions. Bowers and Merena Auctions will hold two auction sections on Friday, December 9 at 1:00 PM AND 6:00 PM. This would be my first numismatic auction. Although I probably will not bid on anything, I want to see what they are like and whether I can take advantage of them to better my collection. I have heard that B&M puts on a very good auction. This should be fun.

I spent a few hours yesterday preparing. My want list is up to date, my budget is set, and all I need to do is to create my price guide for my want list. I will be finished in time to be there on Friday. I am excited!

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