Since this is my blog, I get to take the chance to show off. Today, I am showing off the gift I received from my fiancée. After going through a box of paired dice showing all fives, dice-theme packing, dice envelopes with two chocolate Chanukah Gelt, and two dice candles with the fives showing on the top, I came on the final envelope at the bottom of the box. In the envelop was a Capital Plastics holder with a coin. That coin is known as the “King of Kings” of errors and the most famous die variety in the world: The 1955 Double-Die Obverse (1955-1DO-001).

My fiancée, a wonderful woman whose previous gifts were a 1909-S VDB and 1928 Peace Dollar, said that this was not an easy coin to find. She spoke with several local dealers for weeks and was able to find one in the past week. To her credit, she did some research to not only find area dealers but what to look for. She may not be a numismatist, but she does take an interest in what I find.

Click on the image to see a large image of the coin. The doubling is very distinctive and really neat to see. Thank you, dear, for another wonderful gift!

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