A letter appeared in the December 27, 2005 issue of Numismatic News asking albums for the 50 State Quarters First Day Covers. Having found a solution, I submitted the following letter to Numismatic News that was published in their January 17, 2006 edition.

Like Kenneth Rothschild (Numismatic News, Letters, 12/27/05), I was also looking for an album for the 50 State Quarters First Day Covers (FDC). After calling a number of stamp dealers and supply houses, I found that the Vario 9547V5 two-pocket album pages fit the width of these FDCs perfectly. The pocket is a bit deeper than what is needed for the height of the FDCs, but it ensures that the covers will stay in their place. The Vario pages will fit into three- and four-ring binders so you can purchase an empty FDC album from a dealer or purchase a three-ring binder from any other source.

I am using the Vario pages in a three-inch three-ring binder that was made for holding photographs. This binder now holds the 35 FDCs issued to date plus the FDC for the Sacagawea Dollar and the four Westward Journey Nickel FDCs with room to spare. I think this solution will work for the final 15 covers from the 50 State Quarters Program, although it may be a tight fit if congress adds the District of Columbia and the territories in 2009.

I commend Mr. Rothschild for wanting an album to enjoy these collectibles. Many have told me that I was foolish for removing these covers from the Mint packaging because it lowers their value. Since I am collecting these FDCs because I like them, not as an investment, I was able to take the time to look for a solution to this problem. I hope it helps Mr. Rothschild and others.

After writing this letter, I purchased a Lighthouse Optima-G album in blue to hold other coin covers, including Philatelic Numismatic Covers (PNC) from Great Britain.

The product links in this entry are to the dealers from which I bought these items with no problems.

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