Over the weekend I spoke with my nephew who will be 13 this year. He told me of his interest in collecting quarters. He wants to find out how to find other coins and how to work with dealers. This has come after I had given him the 50 State Quarters map sold by the US Mint with what was then a current set of uncirculated quarters. Since then, he has accumulated more coins and is interested in finding more.

His interest was infectious. All he wanted to do was find more and do more. I told him to find a local dealer and talk with him about coins. But he wanted more information. There was only so much I could tell him on the phone, especially from the car!

Later in the evening, I took the opportunity to clean up back copies of Numismatic News and Coins by clipping various articles on quarters. I also found extra Texas and West Virginia quarters in my collection, ones my nephew said he is missing. I packaged everything and mailed it earlier today. I am sure he will like what I sent!

Should you know a youngster interested in coins, do what you can to encourage him or her. Even if they are collecting from change, give them more to look through. Buy them the ubiquitous blue Whitman folder for their new collection. You will not only have a new connection with that young numismatist, but you will help build the hobby. Happy Collecting!

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