Happy New Year!
May you be healthy, happy, and find that elusive Key Date coin for your collection

As we start the new year, we can begin to look forward to what will be available to us from the US Mint. I was looking at the 2006 Scheduled Products Listing on the Mint’s website and noticed that they are releasing more items earlier. For example, the 50 State Quarters Proof Set is going to released on January 5 and the Return to Monticello nickel from the Westward Journey Nickel Series will be available in bags and rolls on January 12. Although this can change for a number of reasons, including production issues, this is earlier than in the past.

Dealers who sell the uncirculated American Silver Eagle coins are advertising that they will be able to ship first-strike coins by mid-January. Proof silver and gold American Eagles will be available from the Mint on February 2.

For those collecting commemoratives, the Benjamin Franklin Commemorative Coin and the Coin & Chronicals Set will come out on January 17, the tercentennial of Franklin’s birth. According to the Mint’s website, this is going to be the only commemorative for 2006. Commemorative collectors can use this draught to fill holes in their collections.

Otherwise, 2006 may not be that exciting of a year for the Mint. The only other listings are for the Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota, and South Dakota quarters. While the quarters a fun, the last two years with the Westward Journey Nickels were even better. Hopefully, the Mint will keep its website working and fix its shipping issues.

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