One of the things I like to do while writng these entries is to link to provide the readers with links to other information. I know these links are valuable becausae they are right out of my bookmarks file and where I go when I want to read more about a topic. So rather than make everyone hunt down every posting for information, I combined the links into a single area for reference.

If you look on the left column of this screen, you will find a line that says Numismatic Links. If you click on that hyperlink, it will take you to a virtual notebook that I am keeping of the linked items. The notebook is converted to HTML for viewing in your browser. The notebook is divided into catagories, and each page represents a subject within that catagory. So if I mention information found on the US Mint’s website, you can look in the notebook under the “Numismatic Information” section on the page for “US Mint Resources.”

A unique feature of this notebook is that I annotate every entry with a link to the blog entry (or entries) where it was mentioned below the entry and right justified. So if you are interested where I discussed the 2006 Benjamin Franklin Commemorative Coin Program, the entry says that it was mentioned in the entry titled Happy 2006! Just click the direct link and read all about it.

It is important to note that it may take up to 24-hours to update the Links Notebook following a posting because it is a manual process.

Let me know what your think or if you find dead or otherwise invalid Links. Happy Collecting!

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