I was beginning to wonder if the Mint was producing 2006 coins. On Thursday, I received an email announcing the availability of Nevada quarter rolls and bags. But I had not seen any 2006 coins in change.

But it was like I hit the 2006 jackpot today. While running errands I received a Nevada quater and several 2006 Lincoln cents in change. The cents were obvious since the bright red shine immediately caught my eye. These were nice strikes and very clean fields with almost no scratches. The unique color and shine is something I find very appealing.

After arriving home, I emptied my pockets and examined my change. I admired the red cent again. Then I noticed a shining silver item, a quarter, in my pile of change. I turned it over and found the galloping horses representing Nevada. It was very fitting that the first coin I find from The Silver State was a very shiny silver. Yes, I know circulated quarters do not contain any silver. But it was still shiny.

Now if I can only find one of the new nickels.

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