Since I posted Encourage a Young Numismatist, I have heard from a few people wanting more information about numismatic collecting. It seems that a number of parents are reading the trade papers about high-priced auctions and worried that numismatics is not a hobby for their child. That could not be further from the truth.

I spoke with them of how I started by just collecting coins from change and how I still have those familiar blue Whitman folders my father purchased for me in 1971. I also mentioned that many coin shows offer grab bags for Young Numismatics (YNs) and that there are a number of dealers with “junk bins” that are filled with common coins at a low cost. Not only it is a great way to build a collection, but sometimes you can find some nice coins in those bins.

Another thing I suggested is to contact an organization that promotes young numismatists. Thanks to reader elite_investor, I passed along the web address of Young Numismatics of America (YNA). I also sent them to the Young Numismatics program with the American Numismatic Association (ANA). Both organizations have newsletters and other opportunities for YNs to learn.

During these conversations, I was asked for more information… more links to numismatic information. This was not a problem since I regularly surf the Internet looking for interesting numismatic information. So rather than blogging for the last week, I have been revisiting many of the websites to verify they exist and entering them in my Links notebook.

For now on, rather than just post the links I use in my blog entries, I am going to post links as I find them. I hope you find them useful.

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