In trying to catch up I was reading the US Mint Press Releases and noticed that the Denver Branch Mint celebrated its 100th Anniversary. Finding that interesting, I searched for an article from the Denver Post and found one with a picture that was identified from the 1950s or 1960s. The article said that the Denver Branch Mint produces over 30 million coins annually. That’s a lot of change!

I found a new Jefferson Nickel in my change today. The 2006-P coin was easy to notice, even with the reverse facing up in my hand, since it was very shiny. After the shine, I noticed the nice details made to the Monticello to bring out its highlights. Although I did not have a chance to carefully examine the coin, it appears as if the field has been made a little concave. But this could be an illusion because of the shine. I will examine the coin and get back to you on my impressions.

I am not sure I like the new portrait of Jefferson. There is something about this portrait that does not seem right. I will have to find a copy of the 1800 Rembrandt Peale portrait that this was based upon. But as I said in New at the US Mint, I prefer the Joe Fitzgerald design for the 2005 nickels. That portrait really ads a sense of character to Jefferson.

Finally, I received email notices from the US Mint, British Royal Mint, and the Royal Canadian Mint advertising various releases. Some of these offers look interesting. I will write more as I investigate further.

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