After taking some time off for the end of the summer, I went over the US Mint’s website to see if anything interesting was released. On the front page, the Mint is advertising the American Eagle 20th Anniversary Sets. Starting at noon on August 30th, the Mint is selling three sets celebrating the 20th anniversary of the American Eagle Coin program.

The Mint is offering three sets of coins: silver, gold, and one with a single silver and gold Eagle using the same designs as previous coins. The combined set is a two coin set with a one-ounce uncirculated Silver American Eagle and a one-ounce uncirculated Gold American Eagle. Both coins are minted at the West Point facility and will include a “informative booklet outlining the history of gold and silver in coins throughout history.” The set is priced at $850.

Each of the three-coin silver set and gold set have one-ounce uncirculated and two proof coins. One of the proofs in these sets will feature a new reverse proof Eagle coin minted at the Philadelphia Mint. The uncirculated and regular proof coins are minted at West Point. The silver set is priced at $100 and the gold set is $2,610.

The reverse proof is intriguing. Although not a new concept as Australia, Canada, and Great Britain produce reverse proof bullion coins, I believe these Eagles will be the first reverse proof for the US Mint. These reverse proof coins will only be offered as part of the 20th anniversary set.

The Mint is limiting pre-sale orders to 10 sets each. I have already ordered mine!

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