In my entry entitled “CCAC to Meet 9/28,” I wrote about the pending meeting of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee on September 28. In trying to find more information, I noted that “the CCAC website is seriously out of date!”

After I wrote that entry, I sent an email message to the listed email address. When my message was returned as undeliverable, I called the US Mint’s Office of Public Affairs. I did not speak with anyone but left a message. Although I have not been contacted by anyone from the US Mint, I noticed that the CCAC website is now up to date and has a new look. Even the information telephone line (202-354-7502) is up to date.

In the spirit of federal eGov requirements, this is a step in the right direction. But the site is does not have the images of the designs that are under consideration. The minutes and letters on the site reference design codes that are meaningless unless you have copies of the designs. Since these proposed designs have appeared in publications like Numismatic News, they have to be available in digital format.

The CCAC should be fully compliant with eGov and post the proposed designs on their website for all citizens to see. If you agree with me, you can try to email them at or call the US Mint Office of Public Affairs at 202-354-7222.

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