While reading the chat boards at the Collectors  Society, Michael Parrish (user name pendragon1998) posted an article “What You Need To Know: Inherited Coin Collections” in response to someone whose relative passed away leaving a collection to heirs. It is a well written article and covers a lot of the basics in a straight forward manner. The article covers storage, handling, determining value, appraisals, resources, and a small section on becoming a numismatist.

Most of the readers of this blog are a numismatist in some form. Whether you are a collector of rare coins or picking 50 State Quarters from change, anyone who collects participates in numismatics. The beauty of this hobby is that there is no wrong way to collect. Although I am trying to assemble a set of 20th Century business strikes, I am still picking Lincoln Cent from change and placing them in Whitman Folders. I even have the Lincoln cent folders that I started with over 30 years ago!

I would recommend the article for anyone who has questions about any of these what some consider are beginning topics.

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