Since the release of the new Twentieth Anniversary American Eagle coins, a lot of collectors are expressing disappointment with the US Mint for the pricing of the Gold and Silver Set. The Mint’s online catalog lists the set that contains one ounce each of the uncirculated American Eagle gold and silver coins with the “W” mint mark in a specially made box and certificate of authenticity for $850. This would not be bad a bad price except that the one ounce uncirculated gold American Eagle is selling for $720 and the uncirculated silver American Eagle for $19.95. These individual coins will be delivered in their own commemorative case with certificates of authenticity.

For $739.95, or $110.05 under the price for a set, collectors can purchase the individual coins in their own display cases rather than the two coin set. The numismatic media is reporting that collectors are canceling orders for the set and placing orders for the individual coins. However, there are reports that the Mint is near a sell-out for this set!

Interestingly, the three coin gold set sold out within the first few hours after it went on sale for $2,610. The gold and silver set has not sold out. Can the slow sales be a result of the over $100 “premium?” Some that I have spoken with said that a $10-$20 premium would have been fair.

While considering the prices, one can only wonder if the price is not a typing error that has not been corrected? Maybe the set should be priced $750 but wrongly entered by someone who thought “this cannot be right!” What do you think?

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