While participating in the Collectors’ Society’s chat boards, we had a discussion about the silver Britannia bullion coin series. Since I had done some research on these coins, I shared what I had and had read the responses from the other members. They provided a lot of good information. Unfortunately, since the Collectors’ Society’s chat boards are very active, this great information would end up being buried in the board’s archives. Rather than seeing that information get lost, I created a page describing these beautiful coins.

In creating this page, I added additional information on the mintage numbers and looking up the symbolism of how Britannia is depicted on the coins. The mintage numbers are not entirely correct. To find out the accurate mintage figures, I wrote to the Royal Mint asking if they can provide the information. These will be added to the page when (or if) the Royal Mint sends this information to me.

The link to this page will be available in the sidebar on the left side of this page. Let me know what you think about the Silver Britannia page.

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