The People’s Bank of China announced that they will issue a set of commemorative Panda bullion coins in gold and silver to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of issuing the Panda bullion coins. Released on January 25, the coins will feature the different reverse designs of the Panda silver and gold coins for the last 25 years. The obverse of the coin will feature the Hall of Praying for Good Harvest of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the title of the People’s Republic of China, year 2007, the Chinese characters that will translate to “Chinese Panda Gold (or Silver) Coin Commemorating its 25th Anniversary.”

The 1/25th ounce .999 gold Panda anniversary coins will be 12mm in diameter and have a face value of 15 yuan. Mintage is limited to 18,000 of each coin.

The quarter-ounce .999 silver Panda anniversary coins will be 25mm in diameter and have a face value of 3 yuan. Mintage is limited to 30,000 of each coin.

Both gold and silver coins were minted by Shenzhen Guobao Mint, Shanghai Mint, and Shenyang Mint. China Gold Coin, Inc. will distribute these coins for The People’s Bank starting January 25, 2007.

I have written in the past of my appreciation for the silver Panda coins. And like a lot of people, I also appreciate the cuddly look of the Giant Panda. Although I am interested in purchasing a silver set, the price may be an issue. As I was searching the Internet for availability, I saw one major dealer who has set pre-sale prices at $399 for the silver set and $1,199 for the gold. As they are distributed to other US dealers, I will compare prices looking for the best deal.

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