Happy 2007!

May you have a healthy and prosperous new year.

I had stopped making new years resolutions a long time ago so that I am not disappointed when they are not kept. But I am going to break that tradition for this blog and make some resolutions for 2007. Here goes…

I resolve to find a way to afford a 2007 Gold Buffalo Proof coin. I love the design and the concept. After receiving the 2006 coin as a gift, maybe I should collect the series for as long as I am able to afford to do so.

I resolve not to give into the hype of some of the US Mint’s marketing. But I am still going to buy Uncirculated, Proof, and Silver Proof sets as well as First Day Covers and special sets. Well… I think I am saying I am going to break this one!

I resolve to focus my collection on real interests. I have been doing a lot of hoarding with only a peripheral concentration on the 20th century as well as large cents. I am going to try to avoid the emotional “that’s neat” response and be more focused. This way, I will have enough money to buy some key coins, like a 1916-D Mercury Dime or a 1913-S Type 2 Buffalo Nickel.

I resolve to lobby my members of congress to extend the 50 State Quarters® Program to include the District of Columbia and the US Territories in 2009; find some way to honor Teddy Roosevelt on a coin before his turn in the Presidential $1 Coin Program for his influence on US coinage; and to remove the $1 note to allow the $1 coin to become the national standard.

I resolve to compete for at least one registry set at the Collectors’ Society. As part of my focus, I have two interests: Eisenhower Dollars and Bicentennial coins. Eisenhower dollars are interesting as they are the last large dollar coins produced. The Bicentennial coins I find interesting because they were the first changes, other than clad coinage, to US coins in my lifetime. I am particularly fond of the Jack Ahr design on the reverse of the 1976 Washington Quarter. It will be interesting to see if I can put together a winning registry set.

I resolve to become more active in my local coin club. As a member of the Montgomery County Coin Club, I have been asked to be a board member. I would love the opportunity to help increase membership and do what I can to get more young numismatists interested in joining. In the mean time, I am committed to redesigning their website and I need to finish that project soon.

Finally, I resolve to continue writing about numismatics in this blog. I hope everyone enjoys reading these posts as much as I enjoy writing them.


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